Greg Johnston

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Client Service Coordinator: Debra Redwine

3508 Far West Blvd
Suite 200
Austin, TX 78731

July 23, 2009

To whom it may concern:
I have had the great pleasure of knowing Greg Johnston since 2003. Our firm hired Greg to negotiate the firm’s first lease which was signed in June of 2003 for approximately 7,485 rsf. When our lease was coming up for renewal, we were so pleased with the work that Greg did for us the first time, we never even considered another agent.

When we decided to relocate the firm, Greg was able to find the firm a new space that we like even better than the first. When it came time to negotiate, Greg got the initial asking lease rate of $31.17/usf down to $27.67/usf. He also negotiated for, and got, a turn-key finish out on shell space, $3 per foot additional TI allowance for upgrades, and even got the landlord to agree to build a carport for the firm’s partners.

I would give Greg my highest recommendation. Greg’s unique talent set was invaluable to us. He knows the Austin market inside out and everybody involved in it. In touring properties and meeting with owners and leasing agents, it quickly became apparent that Greg is one of the most respected commercial agents in town. I subsequently learned why. Greg took the time to understand our firm and what we really needed. As a result, he was able to find the perfect space for us and even make space planning recommendations that were right on target. During lease negotiations, he gave wonderful advice on lease terms that I would never have considered, even as an attorney. When the finish-out on our new space was delayed because of a permitting issue, Greg took control of the situation, calling everyone involved to get it finished as quickly as possible.

Greg did so much more for us than was required or expected. He was truly there for the entire process and remains so. Any problem or issue that has arisen, he has done everything in his power to make right. Not only did he find the right space for us but his expertise and advice saved us a significant amount of money. Greg was extremely hard-working and a tenacious negotiator.

I would describe him as fiercely loyal to his clients. He is also one of the most positive, upbeat people I have ever met which makes working with him a true pleasure. If I can answer any questions or provide any additional information regarding Greg, please do not hesitate to contact me at (512) 343-1300.

Very Truly Yours,

James M. Loughlin
Stone Loughlin & Swanson, LLP

811 Barton Springs Road
Suite 800
Austin, TX 78704

December 3, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is my personal recommendation for Greg Johnston. I selected Greg Johnston of Oxford Commercial as our Tenant Broker after evaluating multiple alternative options. I found the process of working with Greg to be exceptional in every way. Greg is very personable and professional. He takes his work very seriously and is passionate about providing outstanding service to his clients.

I hired Greg to identify new office space for my company, Advocate, MD. Our requirements were numerous and the options in the market for our needs at the time were limited. Nevertheless, Greg Johnston worked tirelessly to ultimately indentify the absolute prefect office space for my company. He then got personally involved with our architect, general contractor, interior decorator and landlord to insure all the moving parts related to the build out and ultimate occupation of our space was as well managed as possible.

After we occupied our space, we had several issues that developed that required “special handling”. Before I could ask Greg for his help, he was already working on the problems and proactively bringing us potential solutions.

In short, the over all value Greg brought to my company far exceeded the cost we paid. He directly reduced the financial risk to our organization in this important relocation through being hands-on and taking responsibility for every aspect of the process both before and well after we had occupied our new space. I found the service after the sale that Greg provided to be unmatched in my experience…he truly exceeded all of our expectations.

In addition to Greg’s excellent work, he is a man of integrity. Greg’s excellent negotiation skills, tenacity, sound technical ability and overall passion and effectiveness at his job are enhanced by his personal character and integrity.

I and my entire executive team would highly recommend Greg Johnston to anyone looking for a talented, ethical, professional, committed and effective commercial broker who also has an outstanding attitude and solid reputation for fiduciary execution. We were truly pleased and impressed with the outstanding person Greg Johnston is and the excellent job he did for our company!


Mark E. Adams
President & Chief Executive Officer
Advocate, MD Financial Group Inc.

111 Congress Avenue
Suite 900
Austin, TX 78701

March 22, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:
I write this letter of recommendation for Greg Johnston and Oxford Commercial because it has been earned.

In 2004, my client needed a commercial real estate firm to lead them, provide, process and market information, and serve as project manager and real estate advisor for a $10-20,000,000 project. I contacted Greg Johnston who had been highly recommended to me. He assembled the exact team of professionals we needed, including project management experts from Oxford Commercial and design assistance from a perfectly matched architectural firm. The value, speed, clarity and judgment of Oxford Commercial has been more valuable than we imagined.

As a result of that experience I regularly refer other clients and projects to Greg Johnston and Oxford Commercial. I now have a real estate firm that understands and practices the true concept of fiduciary, and I refer my very best clients to their care with complete confidence that the interests of my clients will be enhanced and protected by experienced professionals.

If you need a strategic plan that gets results and will save you real time and money, then just meet with Greg and learn about the value of their services. I hope that you will call me and confirm how earnestly I recommend Greg Johnston and Oxford Commercial.

Very truly yours,

D. Hull Youngblood, Jr.

5508 West Highway 290
Building B
Austin, TX 78735

March 9, 2007

To whom it may concern:
I have primary responsibility for leasing for a rapidly growing land surveying and aerial mapping firm headquarted in Austin, Texas. Surveying And Mapping, Inc. (SAM, Inc.) currently has approximately 150 employees, and is housed in over 20,000 square feet from a two building complex on Highway 290 West.

Greg Johnston represented SAM, Inc. in several renewal and expansion transactions over the past few years. His broad knowledge of the Austin office marketplace was invaluable as we considered our options, and negotiated these transactions. We were extremely satisfied with his representation, and anticipate calling on Greg’s services in the future as our growth dictates additional space needs.


Robert J. Huston
Assistant to the President

901 West Ninth St.
Suite 110
Austin, TX 78703

October 29, 2004

To whom it may concern:
After interviewing several commercial brokers, we chose Greg Johnston to represent us based on several first impressions. His presentation, both professionally and personally, was organized and low-key but backed by obvious experience and drive. Initially we hired him to help renegotiate our longstanding lease. A simple enough task, but we through him a big curve. Little did he know he was embarking on an odyssey of change for our company. In the course of showing us comparable properties to strengthen our case for lowering our rent, we came to realize how many opportunities existed away from our present location. As we started to consider a different place, Greg delved into his contacts and found what is now our new home.

His attention to detail saved us thousands of dollars and weeks of time. Every tiny detail of the lease was scrutinized and clarified. Although we handle contracts every day, without Greg we would have paid too much and would have missed many pertinent details. He went above and beyond on many items such as keeping tabs on the Lamar Street road construction schedule for us. He was amazing.

We even had the added challenge of an unexpected zoning change though which Greg kept us informed and kept the landlords on task. He worked well with their representatives and was non-confrontational, but he held his (and our) ground beautifully. It was obvious that he was respected by the other parties, and his work duly impressed our corporate attorney.

We can whole-heartedly recommend Greg Johnston to represent you in any commercial endeavor. While this procedure was hair-raising and painful in some ways, each encounter with Greg made us feel confident and well directed. Our only regret at the end was the fact that we would not have a reason to talk to Greg every day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Greg is our hero.


Malynn Harris
Chief Operating Officer

9606 N. Mopac Expressway
Suite 500
Austin, TX 78759

February 10, 2003

To whom it may concern:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Greg Johnston for his tremendous work in facilitating the relocation of our offices and to give testimony to his integrity, attitude and ability.

Last summer, as our office lease was to expire in September, we engaged Greg to represent CWS Capital Partners in relocating our Austin operation. Greg worked closely with our management team to recognize needs and secure space. Shortly after suitable space was identified, but before a lease was executed, we experienced significant changes within our Austin management team and Greg found himself working with a virtually new group from CWS. The loss of “history” coupled with new views and ideas meant the change was just short of starting over.

Throughout the transition, Greg showed extraordinary patience and commitment. He was truly an ally and advocate – both internally and externally. Further, Greg’s dedication has endured through both build-out and move-in, as well as through subsequent issues that have arisen. Hind-site is truly 20/20 and we consider ourselves fortunate to have chosen the right professional, from a field of many, to lead our effort.

I would not hesitate to engage Greg for our future real estate needs or to recommend him to others. Please feel free to call me if you wish to discuss Greg’s ability or attributes in greater detail.


Brian Rose

7801 North Lamar
Lab C-63
Austin, TX 78752

June 27, 2001

To whom it may concern:
In February 2001, Greg Johnston was referred to me by a number of executives in the Austin area as someone who could help me with my requirement to find laboratory/office space for our growing company. Having been in the Austin business community since the mid-80’s, I was hesitant to use someone new; however, the caliber of the recommendations were such that I engaged Greg Johnston to represent Evacyte.

After a very short preliminary conversation, Greg immediately helped us define our requirements and brought many issues to light that we had not previously envisioned. With his experience and knowledge of the Austin market, he was able to provide great insight as to where and what type of property would be available in Austin. After a very short time researching available properties, Greg had several candidate sites for us to visit. This would seem like a very painless process; however, our needs were in flux and we kept changing the specifics of our office/lab requirements. Through this seemingly fruitless process, Greg remained a very capable and patient advisor and did not waiver his service or let any frustration show in his attitude or actions. Today, we now have the space we need thanks to Greg.

Throughout my short business acquaintance with Greg, I have found him to be a person of the utmost integrity and a professional in every sense of the word. His commitment to fair business practices and common sense is reflected in the loyalty he has to his customer and the respect he engenders from landlords and lawyers. These attributes make him an ally in any business transaction or negotiation. In addition, I found that he has repeatedly taken the initiative when business drew my attention elsewhere and was focused on getting a deal done is a time/cost effective manner.

When my property needs once again require the use of a professional, I will not hesitate to call Greg immediately. If you would like additional information or wish to discuss Greg’s attributes in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Curt Bilby
Chairman and CEO
Evacyte Corporation